Who is this course for?

Welcome peacebuilding advocates for positive change within high-risk communities in South Africa. Welcome, Open Education enthusiasts or newcomers.

This peacebuilding course has been designed for aspiring community leaders and organisations currently working within high-risk communities in South Africa. Community leaders and organisations who are passionate about bringing about positive change. You may be, or become a bit more, passionate or intrigued by Peacebuilding in communities. After completing this peacebuilding course, you will develop peacebuilding strategies. Will you be able to take direct action to affect change in communities? Of course, you must benefit too, so this is both a personal and professional development opportunity.

Throughout this course, you will learn about PeaceBuilding in High-risk communities, Peacebuilding Strategies and, Racial Equity amidst local and global strategies. You will learn how to navigate challenges as a peacebuilder in the communities you serve, the ethos of Peacebuilding to bring about positive change, and facilitation skills to help engage aspiring peacebuilders who want to see change within themselves and the communities they serve. The modules enable you to apply such concepts to the societies we live in and add global context. It would be best if you exited knowing how to be the change you want to see, apply peacebuilding strategies, and launching your acts of peace campaigns and projects within high-risk communities.

Below, you will find more information on the 'PeaceBuilding within High-Risk Communities' course curriculum via each of the seven modules, so focus upon what you will learn and how it will help you affect positive change in your community. The setup allows stop and start functionality; remember to finish and to do.

Peacebuilding means any intervention to prevent the resumption or the beginning of a violent conflict by addressing the root causes identified or assumed and creating a societal expectation of peaceful conflict resolution to achieve lasting peace and stabilize society politically and economically.